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Our 2017 MVC Campers [#10TimesBeta]

I am an SS3 student of Kingsfield College, Ijede road. I am from Kwara State. I am fair in complexion. The name of my best friend is Akindele Itunuoluwa. My best foods are spaghetti, macaroni with chicken or fish sauce. My best snack is short bread and pineapple and coconut nectar. My best colors are pink and white. My best sports are swimming and cycling. I love reading novels, singing, playing,


My name is Ayodele Adedoyin. I am the third born in my family, I am in SS2. I am in the science department in my school. My favorite food is anything made by my mother. My hobbies are swimming, dancing and singing. My favorite sport is football.


I am a sweet talker i.e. I like impressing people from my communication. I like quality and being thorough. I like to be the best at whatever I do. I enjoy ping-pong and I love challenges generally. I love piano and jazz music. I love God and even though I have short-comings, I do my best to live up to God’s standard. I do not like false accusations or lies. I like to be encouraged. I’m full of de


My favorite food is Semovita and Ogbono soup. My favorite time is during Music class. My favorite game is basketball. My favorite color is white. My favorite teacher is Miss Ngozi. I am the last born in my family. I would like to become an air hostess in future. I weigh 40 kg. I am chocolate in complexion. Veryone is my best friend. I am a female. I am from Ogun state. I use siz


I am the first born of my family. I belong to the Resource Community. I currently weigh 65kg and 1.79 m tall. I am chocolate in complexion and my favorite food is beans and bread. I am currently attending the Movibez Music School and I can play two instruments which are piano and the bass guitar. My best sports are leg tennis and basketball. My hobbies are listening to music and playing with music


I am dark in complexion. I am 5ft 7in tall. I like playing basketball. My instrument of choice is piano.


I love playing music. I hail from Osun State. I am dark in complexion.


I am light in complexion. I stand at approximately 6 ft 2in high. My favorite subjects are Maths, Chemistry, Computer and Technical Drawing. My favorite food is rice and beans with boiled egg. My hobbies are drawing, listening to music, reading. My interests are games, basketball, technological gadgets. I am aspiring to be a software developer and an


I am approximately 1.09m. I am 42 kg. I am dark in complexion. I love eating fruit. One of my best food is Semo and vegetable soup. I love playing sports and games most especially those that task my brain.


My name is Nnaji Fortune. I am from Anambra state. I am average. I am chocolate in complexion and the first born of my family. My best food is fried and jollof rice and chicken. My best musical instrument is drums. My best colors are green, red, blue and yellow. My friends are Somto, Gabriel, Michael and Precious.


My name is Samuel Olatunde. I am fair in complexion. I am 1.59 m tall and I weigh 34 kg. My best sport games are football, tennis, and basketball, my best food is jollof rice and spaghetti with egg and plantain. I am learning drums and talking drum. I am relational and everybody is actually my friend.


I am a Christian. I attend Strong Tower Academy. I am 5 feet tall. My best friend is Dolapo Ayodele. My best topic is photography and x-ray. My best food is bread, egg and tea. I am in Piano class. I enjoy sport, x-ray and morning drills. My hobby is playing basketball. I will miss a lot of things, e.g my friends my piano teacher’s name is Mr. Adekoya.


I live in Ikorodu. I weigh 47.1 kg and I am 5.5 feet tall. I attend Strong Tower Academy, Ikorodu. I am dark in complexion and the length of my leg is 40 inches. My best food is chicken burger. These are a few things about myself.


My name is Bala Precious. I am in SS2 (commercial). I school at Livingstone Model College. I live at Ebute Ikorodu, Lagos State. I am from Plateau State. My best food is Yam and Egg. My best friend is everybody. I am dark in complexion and average in height. I weigh 37 kg. The sport I like best is basketball. I live playing Ludo. I am a gentle girl and hate fighting with others. My hobbies are rea


I attend Appollian school. I am in SS2 (Science). My best food is jollof rice and chicken laps. My best color is pink and blue. I am fair in complexion. I am tall. I am slim a little. I play the keyboard. I use glasses. I live with my family at Agric, Lagos. My hobbies are reading and playing basketball. My best friend is Efe Williams and Precious Abbey. My best subject is Engli


My name is Olorunsagba Joshua. I am from Kogi State. I live in Lowa Ikorodu, Lagos. I like color blue. I like all foods. My best musical instrument is the Rhythm Guitar. My best sport is basketball.


I am fair in complexion. My best sport is football. My best food is sharwarma. My best friend is Daniel. I like to play drums.


I am dark in complexion. My hobbies are playing the drums and taking pictures. I love to eat bread and beans. My best color is blue and red. I am a native of Kogi state. I am going to JSS2. I love to pray and read the word of God. My best friend is Gbenga Ogunboye.


My name is Somtochukwu. I am hail from Abia State. I am fair in complexion. My hobby is playing musical instruments. I am average in height. I come from a family of 5. I attend the Resource Center and my best color is blue. My best food is potato.


I was born to the Udansak family as the second child and the second daughter. My father is Mr. John Udansak whose occupation varies as he is a jack of all trades and master of all. My mother is Mrs. Udemobong Udansak, a teacher. They are both lovely parents with a God-fearing charisma. My elder sister is Edediong Nancy and my brothers are Joshua, Emediong and Ubong all younger than me. My best fri


I am dark in complexion and tall. I love playing football and a little bit interested in basketball. My hobby is playing drums and I hope to be a musician and I also learned how to play talking drum last year at the Movibez Camp. My best food is Semo and Okro Soup with fish I am also relational.


I’m light brown in complexion. I weigh 64kg and I’m 1.673 m tall. I’m a native of Ikere-Ekiti in Ekiti state, Nigeria. My hobbies are dancing, writing, reading and I love to sing too. I’m a melancholy-sanguine, temperament wise. My favorite food is pounded yam and edikikang soup. I snack a lot and mostly on popcorn. I like to meet new people and engage the people around me. I talk too. My favorite


I am the last born in my family. I like playing basketball and badminton and also play the keyboard. I am from Akwa-Ibom but I live in Lagos.


My hobbies are singing and dancing. I love making friends and children. My best food is chicken palak. My best snacks are pizza and coldstone ice cream. My best color is pink and light blue. My best game is playing football. My best moment is when I sleep because I love sleep and also I can cook because I love cooking. My future ambition is to be a dietician. I weigh 52 kg and I


I am from Ogun State. I am fair in complexion. I like playing musical instruments (Drums and Guitar). I attend Restoration Center. I am from a family of 5. My best friend is Somto. My best food is rice and chicken.


My hobbies are playing music and doing sport. My best food is bread and egg with tea. Since I was young, I loved art department but no one could help me bring it up but were insisting on science. But as I was growing up, God helped me, by sending people who helped me to bring my gift out. Since I came to the Resource, I always wanted to play music, and now am happy playing. I lo


The food I like best is rice. I am dark in complexion. My favorite colors are lemon and blue. The game I love most is basketball. I have ever loved to be in voice class and my best teacher is Miss. Ngozi Praiz. I will like to become a singer if possible. My best fruit is banana.


Damilola Oke


I am dark in complexion and 5 feet tall. I love music more than any other thing. I am an introvert, I don’t like to talk at all at times or be seen by all but I’ll do if need be. I love to play football and also love writing at my leisure. I am a lover of art. I mean you’d have known that from what is listed above. I hope to become one of tomorrow’s greatest writer or poet. It’s a nice time knowin


I am quiet, honest and friendly. I like to play basketball and football. I have no favorite food (I eat all kinds of food). I am not partial. I am focused. I am determined to finish what I start. I love playing video games. I don’t like to dance.


I attend Strong Tower Academy. I am in JSS1 going to JSS2 in September. I love to sing and I am learning how to play the piano.


I am from Kwara state. I am dark in complexion. I love music and science. I also love nature. I am an introvert by nature. I love cam, gentle and relaxed people who also think. I dislike liars.