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We are Movibez Concept. We are aimed at imparting our culture, defining our environent and Developing Human. We are focused on discovering, breeding and developing humans to impact their world positively. We are a leading company in sound reinforcement, grooming with over 2 decades in practise.

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Buy, Download and Stream!!!

A 14-Track album, Reality, is finally on all your favourite streaming sites and apps.

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Audio Live Recording

With over 20 Albums released under our belt, the best part of 3 decades has seen us churn out successful music projects which have gone on to win awards. We have evolved in terms of quality of our productions and spare nothing when going for our production tools, to ensure we convey not just the music but the ambience and environment, purpose and intent behind the music.


No one is to be denied quality music on their day of celebration, dedication, promotion, marriage, graduation and so on, No one! With more than 20 years of experience, skilled musicians, in-depth knowledge of countless genres and culture, historical awareness as well as infusions from the rave of the moment, This Band is all-round and well grounded, with them there is no dull moment at your event.

Breeding Arena

At the Heart of Movibez is the culture of grooming all our talents from a raw form to a full and complete package that continues to evolve through their years. The musical talent is not just our focus but everything ranging from mental, psychological and environmental factors. Breeding Arena is the initiative created my Movibez Group to carry out this vision and it happens every summer holiday.

PA Rentals

Our state of the art equipment and musical instruments are also available for rent. We have the best from musical instruments to sound reinforcement tools, etc

Instructional Materials

Our experienced professionals have created modules from their learning experiences that have spanned decades of music, coverage and many other spheres, etc.

And Many More

Our photo studio, ushering unit and catering service are other service and personnel that we provide for our clients.

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Video + Christmas Medley

Made for you by Jaztokristos

On the 21st of December 2019, Jaztokristos had their Second Command Performance
Watch the Medley that wowed everyone

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Finding Myself

I am educated still I know not about tomorrow. All I have is a comprehensive knowledge of the past.


No be every day be Holiday, People always praying amiss. They don't know what God said all they know is what they want


I'm first a spirit Nothing More, My Body is just a cover cloth And that's not where I live from, Unless I'll be a cannivore

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