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Joshua Praiz June 5, 2020

Music is definitely the rhythmic vibrations the soul is receptive to. Being one of the Celestial arts created by God, we are humbled to be home to this divine entity.

We are MOVIBEZ. As the definitions to Art do not capture the entirety of what it brings, so also is it quite difficult to capture who we are to you. In simple terms we are involved in the grooming, production and business of Music.

Movibez is a Nigerian Music entertainment outfit focused predominantly grooming, producing and involving in the business of Music. The company operates as a Management company, a music school, a production outfit and a grooming center.

Company History

Movibez, formerly known as FAPWO, was founded by Youngmmann in his home then at Ebutte-Metta, Lagos, Nigeria. With a vision to impact people through music, he started the Music School in 1993, not knowing that a divine plan would also lead him into singing in the studio. While teaching in the music school, he felt the urge to compile a series of songs, practicalizing a few things he was teaching then. This birth the first album, a collection of 150 songs. This was the first of any kind. The then, chairman of (the company of C-90 cassette), called the idea “Crazy”. In the early ’90s, 60 min cassettes were used for single albums and 90min cassettes were like the DVD of now (in terms of capacity, duration). 150 songs certainly were out of the question. Youngmmann was forced to reduce the songs to 100. Even at that he used C-90, printed a booklet, and sold it the same price with a C-60.

This birth the inaguration of the Marketing Outfit of Movibez, which till date has prooved to be a mystery to Marking experts. With No distribution deal, No short-lived subsidiary company catering towards the artist, and leaving the business of marketing and promotion to an outside firm, Youngmmann took to the street with a Cassette Player (Sony), standing beside the fuel station and selling. A Music store right beside the Gas station where he sold approached him and asked to distribute the cassette after witnessing a mind-blowing sales right in front of their eyes. Youngmmann took this method on a larger scale, expanded and occupied Lagos, and then Nigeria. This method, unknown to be an expert one, has barged the sales of all his work. More than 20 million records have been sold with “Joyful Noise” selling more than 10 million copies.

The Music school produced expertise in singing, instrument playing, sound engineering, video production. An annually held graduation concert, show-casing the graduands in each of their sections created the bedrock for several festivals, concerts, and events organized by FAPWO. Awareness and anticipation grew. The success of these events drew the attention of talents, music-lovers, for services in both Live Production, Band Hire for Events, and Studio Production. For a while, this became the diadem for the company. So far, Movibez Band [JaztoKristos] has played at loads of events.

Awards, Recognition and Achievements

With well over 3 decades of experience in this business, Working with the best of the best, handling the most sophisticated pieces of equipment of our time, training experts that thrive to recognizable points in the industry.

Amongst other awards won by us are Amen Awards and a few others. Although a noticeable recognition was received by Faith Praiz for the most Gospel Album sold.

Faith Praiz was a Grade A member of the PMAN association. A well-known association of musicians in Nigeria recognized at that time as a body responsible for regulating, censoring, managing the Music Industry.

Most of all, Faith is home to Movibez.

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